Styxx (Dark-Hunter Novels)

Styxx - Sherrilyn Kenyon *******************BIG ASS SPOILERS AHEAD*****************************

Ahem *clears throat from all the bullshit I just swallowed* It leaves a bitter aftertaste.

First, so I won't be a complete bi-atch. It's totally awesome that authors take the time to write, sometimes to the exclusion of family and a life. Not to mention carpal tunnel and hemorrhoids. I have not been able to make myself finish my own writing, so I know it takes determination, will-power, time, and self-motivation.

I have really enjoyed Kenyon's Dark-Hunter series and Acheron put the icing on the cake. I feared that she could not out-do herself and to my utter disappointed she didn't.

If you're Kenyon's butt buddy and are not mature enough to understand everyone has their own opinion, look away now, for I do not intentionally set out to hurt feelings..

This book was:

Frivolous: unworthy of serious or sensible treatment

incongruous: out of keeping or place; inappropriate; unbecoming

inconsistent:lacking agreement, as one thing with another or two or more things in relation to each other

filler:an object or substance used to add weight or size to something or to fill in a gap

600 Pages of Suffering:

1. Styxx took the beatings in stride, always protecting his brother.
2. Everyone (emphasis on everyone) hated, no, loathed Styxx with a passion. We're talking about a little boy, since the moment he was born.
3. The hating and abuse never really let up.
4. His mother drinks herself into a stupor wishing she'd never birthed her or Acheron and says so constantly.
5. The mother slaps him.
6. The mother stabs him 20 some times.
7. His sister Ryssa constantly wishes he would die and be raped.
8. Acheron is raped and beaten.
9. Styxx is raped and owned.
10. Acheron is taken away by his incestuous uncle Estes, who whores him out to everyone who actually wants a piece of Styxx, since they are twins.
11. Acheron is drugged and turned away from his brother.
12. Styxx tries to help him escape, but this new bitch-ass Acheron tells on him and Styxx gets branded physically and raped for like 2 months while Acheron laughs.
13. Ryssa hates him some more and slaps him at least 20 times in this book. I wish I had the ebook to look up how many times it was typed. If you include Xerses, Estes, Ryssa, and his mom, I'm sure it's over 50 times at different time periods in the book. THAT GOT ON MY NERVES SO BAD.
14.Okay, I felt sorrow for Styxx after his first, second, and fifth smackdown, but by the 15th he's starting to look like a wimpy punk.
15. Galen beat the snot out of him for years, but magically on the 1,110 training session, he feels he went too far and starts to respect him and not look at him as a stuck-up brat, then call him SON. What the HEE-HAW?!?!?!?!?!?!
15. Styxx is a bad mamma-jamma when he's on the battlefield kicking god-children and giants asses, but come home and Appolo throws him across the room like a football and Xerses punches him in the ribs and kick him?
16. Ryssa smacks him some more and scratches him with her nails.
17. Acheron, Ryssa, and their mom try to kill him.
18. Styxx was constantly put between a rock and a hard place and no one. I mean NO ONE was there for him until he met Bethany. (oh, and Galen)
19. What? Artemis lied about Styxx. *sarcastic voice* She would never do that.
20. Characters were flipping the script left and right, doing things totally out of character. Galen was the biggest and then when Xerses started loving on him, then when Acheron said "brothers" near the end of the book like they were about to tag into a ring to fight.
21. What about the bullshit way everything was told to Acheron at the end of the book to get him to feel for Styxx? Sav said he wasn't going to tell him anything saying something like, "some thinga are best not known or remembered." Then he goes on to tell him all the things that happened to Styxx and how Acheron knew about it.
22. Oh, and the end. I just couldn't kill your baby. Turn around, he's right there.

My main peeve is all the rape. We get it! He was horribly abused and he's still a good guy even though he went through so much. I didn't count, but he was getting raped or beaten for like 600 pages. The boy got raped right before he went to go see his girlfriend.


I wanted Styxx to die so I didn't have to read anymore of this book. I hate that I read how wimpy Styxx was and how Acheron was a complete asshole. I now see him in a different light. Styxx to me, was no hero. They didn't even let him have that glory. The best part of this book was when he was fighting and that ended all too soon. I didn't even care that Bethany was back by the end of the book. This book sucked the happiness out of me. No Joke.

If this was a first time author it would have gotten more hell over the constant raping. Even though it is not described in excessive detail, it came up way too much to not have your mind go there. There was no skimming it. There was no pretending it wasn't happening. This whole book was overdone and I'm finished chewing on it. I'd rather a great book with fantastic characters be 300 pages than 600 pages of repetition and filler.