Brainy and the Beast

Brainy and the Beast - J.M. Cartwright ~The things you do to me, they're new to me~

The possessive way you search me out in a crowd,
letting me know no other man is allowed.

The way you hold my hand in yours, no matter if the whole world sees. In this moment it's just me.

~The things you do to me, they're new to me~

The needy feeling I get when we've gone too long unspent.
The anxious craving of want, so horny, so wet.

The way my breathing stutters when your face skirts my thighs
and you look up with desire in your eyes.

~The things you do to me, they're new to me~

The way your eyes light on fire when I've done something wrong, but you can't stay mad long.

The way we makeup after a fight.
Dominance. It's rough, it's just right.

The way you hold me close in the middle of the night
and I go to bed knowing it's all worth it, it's all right.

The things you do to me, they're new to me.

by Nikki

2.5 Stars A little better than OKAY

Well, this read started out on a high note with Nicky, as the lowly mechanic and Henry, the braniac. I love their verbal spars and the sex was hot. The sex was hot. The sex was hot. The sex was hot. I'm sorry, the keys must have been stuck. A little down the road in this thing that can't quite be described as a relationship, Henry, decides he wants more. The sex is good and they gel together...well sometimes, so I'd imagine that would be the next step, but nooooooooo. Nicky is a bit immature and obtuse, making unkind remarks to Henry about what they have and whatnot. Henry is uppity and has a possessive streak, so he's got his own little bag of issues. Any-hoo. Everything was going good until we had to have a little gay bashing incident and an abuse incident. I don't want to read about this issue all the time. I know it still happens, but can't people just have a happy relationship without getting beat up by people to move the story along or add conflict? I don't want to read about it in a romance. Can we be more positive? Can't an attacker just be beating you the fuck-up because they want your Beemer, like other normal thieves. Sorry, for the rant, but it really bummed me out.