Chaser - Rick R. Reed Bigger
More flesh
Less bone.
Don't need no muscle tone

by Nikki

What the hee-haw did I just read? It went from interesting to elementary. So Caden likes his men with a little more meat. Kevin has that, but wishes and works hard to get a body like Caden's thinking he will be happy to see the new and improved Kevin (Caden went out of town for a month or so). Caden, in his limited thinking, does not look deeper to realize that the same Kevin resides in this slimmer form. Bobby, Caden's best and conceited friend, tries to get the goods from Kevin while they are on the outs, lying to both of them and trying to keep the lovebirds apart.

This read started out good, but then when Caden got back in town and found out Kevin had lost weight, the story went downhill for me. The characters ruminated over theirs problems with their budding relationship WAY too much. And it seemed like Caden would have noticed Bobby and his hater-izing ways way before this big ta-do. It was unrealistic.

I'm disappointed. It could have been so much better. The idea was great. Poor execution~ I think I didn't like it.