Strange Sex: A Strange Anthology

Strange Sex - Kevin Strange, D.F. Noble, Rich Bottles Jr., Craig Mullins, David C. Hayes, Kyle Noble, Jesse Wheeler, Mike Lombardo, Elizadeth Hetherington, Amanda Willaims, Justin Roberts, Nicholas Day If you need an exorcist for a demon.
Call in the sexorcist for his semen.
If you're in a hurry,
we can also do it furry.
The Cum Brothers are not small,
but Cotton Candy takes them all.
The sex robots aren't takin' it up the anus,
even though it feels quite painless.
You can give up your sperm
to an octopus worm.
You can be bitten in bed
if you like that instead.
You can be strip-searched by Ed.
or molested when you're dead.
And if you can't get enough of jackin' your jim
Come by the Vagary and pick a she or a him.
This books also contains an alien race.
who like it when you sh#t in their face.
This read was wrong.
This read was grim.
Crazy ways to get some trim.

by Nikki

2* Interloper - Turtles are boring to look at and even more so reading about them. I was waiting on them to break out of their shells and do something spectacular Teenage Mutant style. Cowabunga dudes~

5* Love Bites- 5 for originality, not subject matter. What a nasty, twisted, freak-me-out read. I'm off to wash my bedding.

4* Pulmonary Ed - Crazy

5* Appetites- Think twice when someone wants to tie you up during sex.

5* Foreigner- WTF did I just read. I'm totally flabbergasted. This read has outdone my go-to hardcore author Edward Lee. SMH!

4* The Language of Love-

2 1/2* Deth Morgue - Just weird

3* Vagary- I didn't make the jump with how he went from sex-crazed freak to the need to kill.

2* Fu*k or Feast- An alright read.

3* Cinnamon- Interesting, but not enough. I wish there was more.

3* Cotton Candy- Furry sex under a full moon. The Cum Brothers, He-He~

3* Lips- There's nothing I need to say.

3* The Sexorcist- A wham-bam read, that was missing something. The priest talked forever about his past, then his demise comes (he-he) too quickly. Could have been better.

Read at your own risk