Family Tradition

Family Tradition - Edward Lee, John Pelan Warning!!! Spoiler Alert! The following poem is Nasty and Vulgar. Read at your own risk

My willy needs wankin.'
Your ass I'll be taintin.'
Your pus*y does bleed.
The fish is sauteed.
My knife is real blunt.
But I staple your cunt.
Worms slither in my slit.
I jack off till I spit.
One guy is a weirdo, he gets so angry.
His girl calms him down by making him drink pee.
The brothers are gay.
They love rough anal play.
One girl is a guy, she has a big prick.
E brings out the cutters and chops it real quick.
We force-feed our victims and make them up-chuck.
We now have our dinner. Oh, my! What luck!
We feed you mush to plump up your liver
We get so excited our members do quiver.
We're hillbilly's. We do what we do.
We'll cut up your bodies for grandpa's beef stew.

by Nikki

2.5 Stars (I was gonna say that it needs to marinate, but I just sicked myself out)
Well, it was gross. Lots of defecation, raping, and killing. It was a story meant to shock. Suspension of belief is needed. I don't know how I feel about this one. Middle of the road, I guess.