DARLING - Brad C. Hodson Its got a hold on you.

It crept its way in
through blood and through sin.

Its got a hold on you.

Your soul it will taste.
Your body will not waste.

Its got a hold on you.

Whispering in your ear,
of its wants and your fears.

Its got a hold on you.

So many tragedies in this place.
Spirits of the past sharing space.

Its got a hold on you.

Forget all you know.
Darling's here
and she's not letting go~

By Nikki

3.5 stars

It started out with a guy named Mike who let his parents run his life for him and his best friend, Dennis, who is always trying to get him to do more and be more. Mike had a sister that died and he carries around the guilt, as does Dennis, who dated her.
Dennis convinces Mike to move out from under his parent's thumbs and come live with him. He does, but what they both don't know is the history of the place. They do find out, but then it's too late. Darling's got a hold on them.
A recommended read if you can get past the slow start and some parts that were a little disconnected. For a free read and new-to-me author it was better than a lot of the stuff I've read lately.