Clockwork Dolls

Clockwork Dolls - William Meikle The Cosmo's and Karma can manifest,
the things in your life that you beget.
Those things you love and do regret,
can twist and turn and circumvent,
the thoughts and feelings you really meant.
For what you give,
shall you surely get.
For the laws of life never repent;
-the blood that was spilled.
-the cards that were dealt.
-the love that was lost.
-the reasons we wept.
-the anger that raged.
-the deeds that were done.
-the peace never felt.
-the war never won.

by Nikki

4 1/2 Stars

A really good read. The only thing that I noticed were the repetition of the 'revved engine,' 'sound of the wind,' and headlights. I felt synonyms could have been used. Twin beams of light? Rumbles of a dragster? Whooshing of air? That's somewhat trivial, but I caught it. Will definitely try something else by Mr. Meikle.