Cold Days: A Novel of the Dresden Files

Cold Days - Jim Butcher Cold days lie ahead.
Winter is my right.
I am duty bound.
For when she calls.
I am set to fight,
for I am,
The Winter Knight.

by Nikki

I am seriously lacking enthusiasm for most of the series I am reading. They don't seem to be going anywhere. No character growth (this means that they are the same clumsy, bumbling, havoc-wreakers that they were when they started out). The plot get so twisty the characters actually have to talk it out in the book for pages and pages otherwise us readers would be lost. And morality. It declines with each new book. For no other reason but to add conflict to an already fully-loaded read.

I really felt like Harry, even with all his new powers, did not grow as a character since he was a ghost which gave him plenty of time to reflect. He was still weak. Getting shot, bleeding, passing out. He starts off making the same choices thinking he can handle everything on his own and then his friends end up coming to save his ass every time.

Harry attempts at levity actually became irritating as everyone else seems to have matured, but him.

I also found it disturbing the way the author keeps dragging it out with Molly. I thought we already established she was untouchable and whatnot, but now Harry wants to jump her bones in his mind.

It was a little better than okay in my book.