The Shattered Dark (A Shadow Reader Novel)

The Shattered Dark - Sandy Williams Back and forth do we go.
Aren, Kyol. Which is so?
I run. Don't fight.
Just scribble flights
of paths that lead to different realms.
With Lena as the head of Fae,
she wishes things would go her way.
But remnants seem to always play
and kill more Fae off each day.
Killers like to Hide and Seek.
As Shadow Reader, I help the weak.

by Nikki

What the hell happen between the first book and this one. This read as a Young Adult Romance. McKenzie loved, Kyol. Kyol fights for the realm. He doesn't know how to put her first, so she found someone else. Aren. Well, she didn't find him. He found/kidnapped her. Stockholm anyone? He doesn't force her to do things, like Kyol did. Aren lets her be her, but still drags her around. Wait! Why and I talking about this love triangle? That is exactly what this book is about. Yeah, there is a little fighting going on, but it was nothing compared to the tepid romance.(He strips me down to my undies. Who says that?!) I didn't know I was buying a romance. And an unbelievable one at that. When you have to tell your best friend "I know he really loves me, like 100%" it's not believable for them either. And get this. It's only been 2 MONTHS! AND AGAIN! Why is the chick on the cover holding a sword. She only used one once, twice? She's always carrying around a notebook to shadow read. Get it straight.

As you can see, I did not care for this read. Paige was just a throw in, to add more conflict and to have someone on the opposing team. This read really went NO-Where. Mckenzie is not a strong, nor interesting enough, character to make me ignore the weak plotting of this read. I won't be reading the next one.