Bleed - Ed Kurtz 2 1/2 Stars

Walt is a man in love, looking forward to proposing to his girlfriend after his new place is fixed up. During repair of the home, a stain appears on the ceiling; small at first, but gradually getting bigger.
No matter what Walt does it just keeps reappearing. Dead animals are found in the attic and Walt starts to experience a change in his attitude. His girlfriend notices the changes and realizes Walt is more interested in the stain than her.

While the idea of this story was a good one, the execution was unsteady and unbelievable. This good-natured guy just does a 180 and starts helping the "monster" obtain the "meat" it needs to survive. There was no reasoning/explanation at times and this pulled me from the story. A lot of this book could have been eliminated and would have been more hard-hitting as a novella as I found myself becoming bored after the umpteenth sacrifice/feeding. There's plenty of bird and gore, but sometimes that's not enough.

A little better than alright~