The Lamplighters

The Lamplighters - Frazer Lee Marla was down on her luck writing bad checks and avoiding her landlady. Out of the blue, a once in a lifetime job offer comes her way and she accepts even though some of the rules seem to be a little extreme. But, hey. She's get to travel to a beautiful island and it's not like she has a better job lined up. All she has to do is clean and "use" a house as if someone is living there and in a year she'll be paid handsomely. No phones, T.V., or communication are allowed. There are some other rules that are not to be broken, but she'll find out the hard way what happens to people who don't do as they're told.

This read started out a little slow and clunky and I did question where the story was going and was kinda wanting the pace to pick up. I could have done without a lot of Marla', Marla period.
I don't know why I wasn't able to connect with her other than the fact that she was very naive and constantly laid the blame on others for her own issues.
Moving on.
The second half picked up greatly and this is where Lamplighters begins to shine.
The island and its inhabitants are hiding a secret. Marla and company are about to find out the real reason why they qualified for the job.

A straight B-movie read.

*I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review*

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