Vengeance By The Foot

Vengeance By The Foot - Adam   Light 2.5 Stars
I'm wavering between 2 and 3 stars. The idea is good. Grant, a man that does not take care of his feet, finds out that he has a cut and it's infected. One thing leads to another and he winds up one foot short. All Grant does is sit and wallow in the misery of his missing appendage. Grant just doesn't know yet that his missing foot has feelings too.
I felt that we needed to hear Grant or his wife complain more of the neglect or abuse his feet were given in order to fully believe in the "vengeful foot". Also, when the foot did appear, I felt like it was rushed a bit and comical in the way that it reacted. It was pretty obvious when Grant started talking where the author was going to go with it and it kind of detracted from my believability meter. Still, a fairly good, short read.