What We Deserve

What We Deserve - Kerry Freeman I really need a 1/2 star for this!!!!!!!!!!!

This read was like a roller coaster for me. I loved Sean and Tyler together. They just clicked for me. Enter the long lost love, Jamie who took Sean's virginity and his heart and left for the army. No explanation as to why he left and did not call for 12 years. To make a long story short. Tyler tries to help Sean by befriending Jamie and a 3 man affair begins. Don't get me wrong there were some great lines like 'Just remember I loved you first.' and moments when Jamie brought flowers to make up with Sean and Tyler was flying off the handle and then ta-da, out pops blue flowers specifically for Tyler. I don't know. Everything was so easy and quick. The parents and family aspects were a bit unbelievable. It became cavity worthy and the sex, I must admit, never went past a slow boil for me. The ending was too much and very permanent in my opinion. Just another read. Nothing spectacular. I guess I though this would blow my mind and it didn't. A little better than Okay~