A Memory of Light (Wheel of Time)

A Memory of Light - Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson Without love,
there can be no hope.
Without loss,
you can never understand pain.
Without evil,
is there really any good?
Without stars,
is the night true?
Without the sun.
How can things grow?
Without a pattern.
How can things flow?

by Nikki

4 1/2 Stars

*****The UPS man just dropped this tome off and I can NOT wait to settle down and finish such a fantastic series that I have enjoyed for over a decade. Kinda sad in a way~

***********Somehow, I forgot to finish reading this when it first came out. How crazy is that?!

Well, it was an utterly enjoyable read. There were so many characters and they all played a role in how The Wheel of Time changed and what led to such and epic battle. If I wrote a true review with all that happened in this read, it would be pages long. It might deserve it, but I don't feel like it. If you've been a fan this long you must read this one, too. It was a perfect ending.

You know me, I have to throw in what I didn't like. For me, it was Perrin's part in this story. I was bored to death of his dreams and whatnot. I'm sorry... no I'm not. That's just me.