Towers of Midnight (Wheel of Time, Book Thirteen)

Towers of Midnight - Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson 4.25 Stars

I bought. I read. I conquered. What I liked most about this latest addition to the Wheel of Time series is that, finally, and I do mean finally, everyone has come to terms with his or her role and responsibilities, which let me sit back an enjoy the story more than the previous reads where I constantly bickered about the characters and how slow things were moving. Particularly Perrin and his wolf. Although I got better insight into Rand, I still felt that he should have been more involved. Well, he is the Dragon Reborn, is he not? When Elayne was the focus, I started to drift and felt she and her party were given too much talk time (that's just me). AND to be totally honest, shaving off a 100 pages or so would have made this a 5 star read. Too many low, meandering parts. Overall, a great read if you can stay focused(800+ pgs). I can hardly wait for the last installment (to find out what happens or just for the sake of saying I completed it!?)