Blood Law (Blood Moon Rising, Book 1)

Blood Law - Karin Tabke 2.75

The brothers and their conflict was great, but when Falon came into the picture, things started to veer off course. Raphael became possessive, domineering, and arrogant in a no-sexy type of way. Unrealistic sexual situations which, I'm sure, creeped some people out. The author letting us know what Lucien was up to, kinda took some of the suspense away and I sorta saw the ending coming. This read dragged because of the backstory we got of the slayers and lycans which should have been woven into the story at many different intervals, not big talky sections. This read however, did make me want to see the outcome and with an ending like that, how can I not read the next installment. I would have been irked if I read this and had to wait months for the next read, but for me it is already released. Not full price worthy, but still a semi-good read.