Chosen By Blood (A Para-Ops Novel)

Chosen By Blood - Virna DePaul Pros:
1. Great storyline
2. The Alpha
3. Kick-Ass Heroine
4. Some pretty awesome secondary characters with pretty cool powers
5. Good Subplots
6. Writing is good
7. Has an HEA

1. Storyline was poorly executed with lots of running around and talking everything to death.
2. The alpha male was overly protective and a selfish dense asshole.
3. No cons for the Herione :)
4. The secondary characters fought and bantered with each other to the extreme throughout the entire book. I was waiting on "your mama" jokes to pop up.
5. The sublots were all wrapped up for me in little bows by the end of the story.
6. The writing was good so it was kind of a disappointment that she didn't blow this book out of the water.
7. The HEA was so not for me. I was not feeling them at all due to the alpha male wanting to carry on his line throughout the entire book, but at the end decided he wanted his lady-love more. WHAT?!?!

This was like the X-MEN on romance~