Leap of Faith [The Moonlight Breed 1] (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove)

Leap of Faith - Gabrielle Evans 2.5 Stars. I noticed a pattern with some authors who spit out books on a regular basis. Yes, I'm happy that I'm getting to read another book in the series and don't have to wait or that I'm getting my paranormal(whatever else) fix, etc. But, the books also need to be in depth, more solid, and intriguing, which they are NOT. The books are insta-love, insta-mine, usually sweet and belief must seriously be suspended. It's just that some of these authors have great potential, but the books rarely scratch the surface of a solid read and come out uber-sweet and easy breezy. As with this read the circumstances under which the 2 main characters meet, their following conversations, and interactions, made me immediately distance myself from what ever was to come. On the other hand, the idea was a good one and Xander's pack mates were all cool and I would love to read about their stories, but I know I wouldn't get the 3d personalities or the slow build-up of a budding relationship that I really crave. I guess the timing was wrong when I read this one.