Cut & Run

Cut & Run - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban What did I just read? I thought it was a supposed to be a mystery, which was really wrapped up neatly and not suspenseful at all. Well, maybe it's a romance? But, no I wasn't feeling the love. Okay, maybe it's more like gay general fiction. That's more up this book's alley. I found it quite boring actually. Constructive criticism. Seriously, there was waaaaaay too much talking/bantering between Zane and Ty. They became a joke at their jobs and their skills were sorely lacking. I finished it with the hope that maybe this read could be salvaged, but that is a no-go. The writing was very disjointed. This read was like a person who talks for the sake of hearing their own voice, only this was in writing. Not recommended~