Dawn's Awakening (The Breeds, Book 4)

Dawn's Awakening - Lora Leigh I enjoyed this read and was glad that I got a rough and gritty female lead. Dawn was raped and tortured only to be saved and tortured more by one of her Pride brothers. She endured so much that her mind wouldn't let her remember those horrific times. She soldiered up and and became a strong woman.
Seth, her mate, was pretty much kept away from her for ten or so years, thinking she was too fragile to have to fulfill the needs of a mate.
The struggle they both went through to come out on the other side together was very memorable and touching. Leigh always know how to pour on the sensual. This read ended on a "what will happen?" with Cassie, but she really needs to grow up. She's at this young, creepy stage still, with her father constantly hovering over her.

*I recommend time in-between books in a series like this*