Thrall - Mary SanGiovanni Jesse left the town of Thrall and his girlfriend, Mia, years ago. Strange things happen in Thrall and he got out while he could. He comes home one day to a message on his answering machine from Mia, begging him to come back to Thrall and save her and the daughter he never knew he had. Jesse has never quite opened himself up to anyone, but a girl named Nadia. She is the closest he's come to a real relationship and asks her to go to Thrall with him with only a little bit of an explanation. Nadia has the hots for him, but friends is as far as he can go. Once in Thrall Jesse and Nadia realize how wrong the town is. Nothing is as it seems. Buildings move. People have disappeared. The Raw, a red fog of evil things, appears at night and those that go into the mist don't come back out the same or at all. There are a few people who have managed to survive in Thrall and they all come together to find Mia, the child, and to stop whatever it is that takes the lives of the townsfolk and keeps Thrall alive.

Yep, I did it. *smirking* I gave out 5 stars. This book had it all folks. The characters were fleshed out, each with their own back story. You cared what happened to them. Every man and woman added to this atmospheric read in their own way. When I say atmospheric, I mean, when they were walking down the streets of Thrall looking at all the abandoned buildings, seeking out anything strange, or listening for noises, I was too. I could genuinely picture the places in this story. The actions and reactions were dead on. The writing was on point and the pacing was perfect. Not a dull moment. A wonderfully told tale that starts out as a very creepy haunted town story that turns out to be so much more. Highly recommended~~~~~~~~~~~~~~