Red Sky

Red Sky - Nate Southard ************************SPOILERS**************************
This character driven story had some unlikable characters. I didn't really care if they all died. To review a few:

Danny- Leader of this bank-robbing gang who apologizes for the atrocities he commits, loves to get chatty with folk, and gets punked by Gina twice. I think we were supposed to feel sympathetic to this character, because the author kept showing us his soft side. A soft side get you killed or bitten by a big monkey type mutant. Oh, and he goes into a crazy haze every now and then.
Gina- Crazy psycho bitch who adores her equally crazy lover, Dale, who is a screw-up. She seems bi-polar at times, going from crocodile tears to feel-you-up to pure hatred in 0-60.
Dale- Screw-up who shoots before thinking and manages to survive way longer than expected.
Mel-kidnapped employee who develops feelings for one of her captors

This read is about Danny who pieces together a rag-tag group of rednecks (his word) to rob a bank. However, the robbery falls apart at the seams and people are shot on both sides and a hostage is taken. They flee to an old building in Mexico where they try to hold up until some of the heat blows away from their botched robbery. Lo and behold, the factory is not abandoned and the criminals must fight for their lives.
At times this read was cheesy, over-done, and unrealistic. It read more like a action-thriller than horror to me. Borrow it~