Dungeons & Drag Queens

Dungeons & Drag Queens - M. P. Johnson Sleazella LaRuse, a drag queen, is kidnapped by the magician, Dravor.
Dravor thinks he has found a queen for his king, and that she will have his babies, but he his sorely mistaken. Sleazella doesn't have the necessary girly bits.

Sleazella flees from the weird magician, bumbling through a world she knows nothing about. However, Dravor is not giving up. He's a great magician and he will find a spell that will allow her to have the king's children.

This was a fun read. I was concerned that the author might not be able to sufficiently explore the drag queen theme, but M.P. Johnson succeeded on every level. The main character's back-story was real and heartwarming and Sleazella's personality shined no matter what predicament she was in.

I was carried along on this disturbingly adventurous read and will be looking out for more of this author's work.

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