Greely's Cove

Greely's Cove - John Gideon In Greely's Cove
a web was wove
by magic means,
and forces of old.
Evil ones, actions bold.
Taking those who give in freely.
This is the cost to live in Greely.

by Nikki

I really enjoyed this read of a couple who had a child with disabilities which caused the family to split up due to a difference in opinion on how and where the child should be raised. The mother commits suicide, which is strange, and the father jumps at the chance to be back in his son's life. All is not soccer games and fishing, for the handicapped boy he left is now an intellectual man. His recovery is due to the mysterious Dr. Craslowe whose methods are different than you normal therapist's.
That's not the only thing going on in Greely's Cove. People have come up missing with only vomit and a slimy residue that leaves a horrible stench behind. It doesn't take long for the horrors to begin and truly, they are horrors.
I really felt sorry for a character named Mitch who seems to have never had a chance.

The pacing of the story was a little unbalanced halfway through, but the read was so interesting, it was slightly over-looked. The qualm I had with this read was a character named Hannie. Her magical mumbo-jumbo kinda took away from the creep factor and she had a habit of explaining things that the story itself should have shown. I will most likely pick up one of his other reads, as there aren't many. A good read~