Baby Fever: A Strange Novel

Baby Fever - Kyle Noble I'm locked in a porn store
with sex toys galore.
They've got anal beads, leads,
and pills to do the deed.
They've even got hay,
in case you like horse play.
They've got dildos and whips
and clamps for your nips.
They've got lotion that glows
and turns hot when you blow.
Ahoy! You should never fear,
they also have pirate gear!
Crazy chicks break down the door,
ready to eat me to the core.
I grab a rubber fist and slap them to the side.
I make for the roof not caring about pride.
These bitc#es be crazy.
They bite, scratch, and kill.
Maybe it's the red rain that's fallin'
taking away their will?

by Nikki

This guy is so creative. I was laughing out loud and re-reading certain lines. It was gross, it was nasty, it was fantastic and I won't forget the veterans and old guys. Recommended to Edward Lee fans who like funny things also. Enjoy~