The Darkest Lullaby

The Darkest Lullaby - Jonathan Janz *semi-Spoilers*

It started out great then descended to good.
A wife and husband inherit a house.
The husband goes crazy without much account.
He does some wacky things we are supposed to accept,
but his wicked dead aunt is highly adept.
She's pulling the strings and some other things.
The dog, Petey, is not who he seems.
Wife becomes pregnant
and a story gets told
of why babies are needed,
brought into the fold.
Up pops the wife's sister,
which is very coincidental.
She tells a little story
that's kind of mental.
There's some blood exchanged,
more of the sucking kind.
By the end of the story,
you're like WTF, rewind.

The idea behind this read was pretty fantastic. For some reason as soon as the husband lost control, so did the story. It was so unbecoming of him from what we were shown. It should have been more gradual or something. It was like he just woke up one day and said "frick it." The wife did a good job, but was not able to fully maintain the story on her own: reading books and watching videos and drugging herself to sleep. I ended up not liking a lot of the characters. Still, something was there, I just can't pinpoint it~ A good read that could have been better.