Back From The Dead

Back From The Dead - J.F. Gonzalez ****SPOILERS****

Odd chick out. This was just a meh read, bordering on 'I didn't like it.' The main character, Tim, was hated on for being goth to the point of ridiculousness. He was blamed for everything 'bad' that happened in the town that the jocks/ bullies actually did, including the making of zombies which I thought was going to creep me out. Instead, I got teens who wanted someone to beat on longer before they died so, they said a spell and made the undead. There was way too much dialogue in this story that was plain filler. It did nothing but add on to the length of this novel. I was never invested enough in the story to care about the outcome of the characters which made this read: Not For Me. And to be honest; I don't see myself picking up anything else by this author although I already have Clickers.