Dangerous Ground (Dangerous Ground, #1)

Dangerous Ground - Josh Lanyon 2.5 Stars -So need half stars. This was better than okay~ But 3 stars is, in a way, too much.

Where was the steam? Other than the hot springs. Mysteries need love too! The story was alright, but was setup in a way that made Taylor seem needy. Taylor breaking up the duo did come across as an ultimatum that, if Will wanted to keep Taylor around, would have to say yes to. At first I was ticked at the way Will handled that whole scene, but then I realized he was testing himself and his feelings for Taylor. And the bottom line was that Taylor wanted it before, but was now hesitant. In my eyes they were already in a type of "relationship" and sex was exactly what Taylor was wanting. At times I felt like a professor could have been reading this to me in a boring monotone. Even when things got exciting, emotions seemed to stay at a certain plateau even though voices were raised and action scenes were taking place. A not quite solid, semi-good read that needed to be fleshed out more. May continue the series to see if these characters can grow.