Fall Into the Sun (Alejo and Bobby, #1)

Fall Into the Sun - Val Kovalin While the story itself was great, the voice of the author was very stiff and did not flow well. For a while I kept thinking it was the characters with their ties and suits, but Bobby and Alejo's personalities were different but came across in the written word as the same. Like you change your voice to be two different puppets, but all the kids know it's you behind the curtain. The reason for the long separation wasn't really feasible and the willingness to pick up their friendship/relationship without any expressed resentment was baffling. (Leaving me stranded on the worst day of my life and not talking to me in forever would have seriously put you only my "I ain't getting over this, you piece of shit, prick" list. Carlos...? What can I say. With that being said, it's a good somewhat solid, not too sexy read.