Heartless - Allan Leverone 1.5 Stars
A guy named Gary likes to kidnap girls and kill and rape them. He meets Audrey and Janelle eating ice cream and they end up giving him a ride to the vehicle he says, ran out of gas. How totally unbelievable, but the girls go along with it. The girls are in the front seat and Gary, the dumbass is in the back, daydreaming about previous deeds and the author has Gary reflecting on how awesome he is a a rapist and killer. All too soon A and J realize that Gary is not telling the truth and from here on the the book becomes totally preposterous. The tables get turned and Gary is the one at the mercy of the women who are... heartless. These read was sorely lacking any type of build-up or suspense. Very predictable and too simple. The ending where everything is explained about the "virgin sacrifices" sunk this ship. The writing itself was okay so, I'll be generous. Not for me~