Wishing for a Home (Home, #3)

Wishing for a Home - T.A. Chase I could sing you a song.
I could think of a rhyme.
If things had been different.
If I could go back in time.
I'd never start drinking.
I'd never sell my soul.
I'd never treat you like a secret.
I'd be proud of my role.
If I was your lover.
If I was your friend.
If I...If I...
The End

by Nikki

2 1/2 Stars

I liked the beginning. No real conflict. Well, maybe a little conflict, but nothing that wasn't insurmountable. Max drew Derek's personality out, however Max seemed to let Derek go with reasonable, but very thin reasoning and I found myself thinking 'what the hell is wrong with you?' It was kinda selfish that he didn't want to be hurt because, in my book, real love is worth fighting for. The ending with the time jumps was necessary, but not smooth. We don't really know how each person is doing emotionally, just superficially which took some of the steam out of this read. A little better than alright.