{Review} Fallow Ground by Michael James McFarland

Fallow Ground - Michael James McFarland

A husband and wife are offered the one thing they can't have: children, by a mysterious man. Though they are well past the baby stage, the husband is willing to do anything to get the wife he loves back from the depression she has sunk into.
Their blood runs cold. Normal communication is almost impossible, but they look on with knowing eyes. Eyes too old to belong to a child. Dead eyes

Many years and many families later, these two children seem to still be haunting the lands and home of the family that once took them in.

The mysterious man is back and he's not alone.

The story flowed smoothly without a hitch. There were plenty of hauntingly good moments.

An uncomfortably spooky read that I found to be a treat. I will definitely read more of Mr. McFarland's work.