{Review} Cruelty (Episode One) by Edward Lorn

Cruelty: Episode One - Edward Lorn

I agree with another reviewer that the less we know about the "bad guys" the better. Especially in a situation where he/it is constantly terrorizing the "good guys/gals." It may make some readers lose a certain amount of fear or suspense since they already know who's coming.

On the other hand, Edward writes his characters with such Edwardism (that's realism E. Lorn style) that their emotions seem palpable. Edward excels at this. I'm cool with this trade.

The story started off with Will, a deaf guy, going to see a prostitute. Things don't go as planned and his getaway sets the stage for the chaos that ensues as he's pursued by an enemy that should not exist.

This is a serial, but Mr. Lorn has put them out pretty darn fast.

I will definitely be reading the next one! A recommended read for fans of action, gore and dare I say B movies.

*I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review*